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Entering Online

To enter camera club competitions, members usually email images to the club projectionist. For most competitions, the member's name must be set in the EXIF area of the image, it also makes things easier for the projectionist if the image size has been adjusted to fit the club projector. For panel based competitions, the images must have the correct filenames. Until now, this has meant careful training of club members!

The film free projection website can make it easier for club members to enter competitions. If your club is  a registered user of FFP, then using the online system will provide the following features:

  • Automatically adding the author's name to the Image

  • Resizes the image appropriately for the club projector

  • If required, the system can insist on image titles

  • The timetable of competitions can be set-up so that members will only be shown "up-coming" competitions

  • Automatically sets the panel image filenames

  • Single click email to club projectionist

Please note, the system is only available for registered users of FFP.

The system is still in beta test; if you are interested in being a beta tester, then please "register as a projectionist", or contact me at Once the system is out of beta, a small annual fee will be made to provide access to the system.