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Film Free Projection Downloads

There are two versions of Film Free Projection; the classic FFP and the new Film Free Projection Extended (FFPx). FFP costs £50, FFPx costs £75. If you've already purchased FFP, then you can upgrade to FFPx for £25.

Download Film Free Projection or Film Free Projection Extended now! These are trial versions that are fully functional, except that a maximum of ten images can be loaded. You can convert them to a full version by buying a software key for £50 for FFP or £75 for FFPx.

The current release version of FFP is - download here.

The current release version of FFPx is 1.0.30 - download here.

Film Free Projection 3.4 readme (pdf file). Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is here.

Film Free Projection requires version 4.5 of .NET compatible; this should already be installed on your computer, if it isn't the installation system should install it automatically.  

A beta version of the Projectionist User Guide is here. This is the guide for projectionist users of this website.